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CryptoPartySydney, Australia

Sydney has now successfully run five CryptoParties
Or next event as not yet been scheduled. Join our mailing list, follow the twitter account or come back regularly.
Help contribute by adding to this page and/or organising the nxt party.


Next Event

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Venue: TBA
  • What to bring: Laptops, Portable devices, questions and a will to learn.

March 27 Follow up notes and links

  • Join our mailing list details below. You can also ask questions to the group via he mailing list.
  • Visit back in a couple of days for updates to this page.

Clarification: @djon3s

In my talk I gave the SHA256 fingerprint for the Tor Project SSL certificate as it appeared to me. It turns out the GUI for Firefox only displays the SHA1 and MD5 fingerprints, not the SHA256 fingerprint. For the record here is the complete collection of fingerprints as they appear on my connection...

          36 13 D2 B2 2A 75 00 94 76 0C 41 AD 19 DB 52 A4 F0 5B DE A8 01 72 E2 57 87 61 AD 96 7F 7E D9 AA

To check the SHA256 fingerprint, use Chrome to download the Tor Browser Bundle + check that our certificates are the same.

I gave directions it is possible one of us is being MITMd if the numbers were different, and please do scream murder if the SHA256 you have differs from the SHA256 I have. but make sure you are comparing your SHA256 to my SHA256 & not the SHA1 or the MD5.

Planning and Meetings

Next Planning Meeting TBA The #cryptopartysyd IRC channel on (

Chat on IRC

Chat on the #cryptopartysyd IRC channel on (

For global CryptoParty Chat go to #cryptoparty IRC channel on (


You can follow us on Twitter: @CryptoPartySyd ( and @SydCryptoParty (

We have a mailing list for discussions and announcements. To subscribe, simply send an email to (click here: [1]). You do not need an account through to be added to lists, but you can create one in order to log in and change your subscription options. For more details about using a account, subscribing or unsubscribing from a list, and changing your digest options, please check out their very helpful help page here (

To talk with others on IRC, check out channel #cryptoparty, or the Sydney specific channel #cryptopartysyd, on (if you don't have an IRC client, you can simply use these links #cryptoparty, #cryptopartysyd

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