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Upcoming event

Next CryptoParty to be held on Saturday, 1st December from 2PM, at the ENSI National School of Computer Sciences (main theatre).

Problems and tools to be mentioned

Ask yourself the right questions

Explanations to people required!

  • Where goes your data?
  • Who can intercept it?
  • The necessity of open-sourceness and peer reviewing.

Web surfing

  • Tor (Installation of Tor Browser Bundle) - https://torproject.org ;
  • HTTP and HTTPS (plugins like HTTPS Everywhere).

See the good explanation of Tor and HTTPS by EFF.

Instant Messaging

Explain the concept of Fingerprint verification (see OTR documentation pages on this).



  • Tails - for truly toxic net environs
  • VPNs - this list may be helpful
  • RetroShare - secure file sharing w/ GPG
  • ...

Previous Events

Real-ID Policy

The event that was held on 27th November during the OpenITP tech summit required people to give their real ID, a policy that a number of people found incompatible with the spirit of a cryptoparty, as the goals include helping people expressing their mind while being anonymous.


Open Internet Tools Project, Information Security Coalition, and Electronic Frontier Foundation are pleased to announce that we'll be hosting a CryptoParty on November 27th as part of the Circumvention Tech Summit in Tunis.

A CryptoParty is a social gathering of people from all backgrounds -- technical and non-technical alike -- to learn and practice using basic cryptography tools such as Tor, public key encryption (PGP/GPG) and OTR (Off The Record instant messaging).

You'll learn the basics of secure and private communications, including proper key exchange and identity management. Afterwards, there will be a key signing party, where participants will use their PGP keys to verify each others' identities.

If interested, please RSVP to cryptoparty@openitp.org.

 Hotel Golden Tulip Carthage
 Avenue de la Promenade
 Tunis 2078, Tunisia

Google Map

The CryptoParty is starting at 10am, with coffee being served at 9:30am. Can't wait to see you!


Time block 1

5-10 Minute Demos/Lightning Talks

  • Encryption intro
  • Password security (Grady)
  • What is TrueCrypt, how does it work
  • HTTPS Everywhere (also https://www.eff.org/pages/tor-and-https) (Peter)
  • Silent Circle demo - Someone brings Silent Circle, everyone is jealous and oohs and awws.(Abel + SecDev)
  • Security on smartphones. The Guardian Project (Lee)
  • Discussion and action: How to make PGP usable (Micah)
  • Pond - Email alternative - perfect-forward secret, asynchronous, anon communication (link?)
  • Public Key Interactive Training (beginning) (Micah)

Time block 2

Main Room

  • Public Key Interactive Training (Micah)

Room 2

  • Help people install TrueCrypt

Time block 3

Main Room

  • What is PGP, how does it work, and generating keys

Room 2

Time block 4

Main Room

  • Key verification and management (Samir)
  • Key signing party
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