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Upcoming Events

December 2012

The next TLV CryptoParty is already being planned for December! Please let us know which topics you'd like to see covered, and if you prefer a hands-on workshop or more theoretical talks.



Please contact us for any info, or if there's any way you're interested in helping out!


Past Events

November 4

  • Date: November 4th, 2012, 20:00
  • Location: Beit Ha'am, Sderot Rothschild 69, Tel Aviv
  • Event: [1]

For the first Tel Aviv CryptoParty we're interested in focusing on a high-level overview of why and how to use crypto, with a very quick intro to public-key cryptography, Tor and OTR, and leaving plenty of time for Q&As and mingling.

One of the main goals of this event is to get activists, journalists and various other end users interested in crypto, hopefully making connections with techies that will be able to help and guide them further.

Subsequent events will dive into further details and perhaps hands-on workshops on specific topics.

  • Welcome to CryptoParty and words of caution - Yuval Adam (20 min.)
  • Network Security - @k3r3n3 (20 min.)
  • From 0 to Cryptography - Shay (30 min.)
  • The Lawful Right to Crypto - Jonathan Klinger (20 min.)
  • Q&A and open discussion
  • Mingling
  • Key Exchange

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