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A Cryptoparty for journalists hosted by Syracuse Hacks/Hackers

In an era of rampant hacking, ubiquitous surveillance and an unparalleled number of whistleblower prosecutions, it is more important than ever that journalists take precautions to protect themselves and their sources while communicating electronically. But learning how best to protect one's self can be technically challenging — especially for journalists more invested in telling stories than the tools they are using to tell them. Cryptoparties hope to solve that.

A Cryptoparty is an event where anyone can bring their laptop or mobile device and learn from their peers the basics of encryption and data security.

At this special Cryptoparty organized especially for Syracuse Hacks/Hackers, bloggers, journalists and journalism students are invited to spend an evening learning how to secure their web browsing, email, online chat, and data from prying eyes.

What makes it a party? Beer. It's at a pub! Get yourself a drink and a bite to eat, and sidle up to learn some crypto.

Topics will include:

  • Password security
  • Web form encryption with SSL
  • Internet traffic anonymizing and encryption with VPN
  • Web browsing anonymizing with TOR
  • Email encryption with PGP
  • Instant messaging encryption with OTR
  • Audio and video chat encryption with ZRTP
  • Disk encryption with TrueCrypt & FileVault


The Taste, 318 East Fayette St., Syracuse, NY.


Thursday, April 25 at 6:30PM

Meetup Event


Hacks/Hackers Syracuse.


Organized by Daniel Sieradski, a web designer, digital media producer and advocacy journalist living in Syracuse, NY.

Past Events

The first Syracuse CryptoParty was held October 18th at 6pm-10pm and was hosted by Syracuse Innovator's Guild (SIG).

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