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Melbourne, Australia


PLEASE NOTE! Melbourne's 2nd CryptoParty will run as an 'unconference.' Multiple sessions teaching practical skills and tools will run simultaneously throughout the night. If you are interested in facilitating a session, please add you name and session details to this wiki entry.

Since sharing is caring, please feel more than free to bring a plate to share (what's a party without nibbles?).

Archive for Melbourne Cryptoparty #0 (22nd Sept, 2012)

Join us!

Please RSVP to help us gauge attendance numbers and prepare for the party! You will need to register with the wiki to edit this page.

(You don't have to use a real name, describe yourself or give a bio. Just edit this page and add a name.)

(Someone who cares - Week Night meets are harder to get to for most people i know including myself. Especially if we have to travel distances to get there. Just a thought!) (Anyone else?)

  1. Ben
  2. Alex
  3. Brett W
  4. Bill
  5. Peter
  6. Alexander
  7. Stephen
  8. Brad
  9. Alex K
  10. Sophia

Sharing is caring

It might be helpful to know how many of the attendees are beginners, experts, or somewhere in between. Cryptoparty is all about teaching beginners, so don't be shy. Add to the counters below:

  • Beginner ("what's tor?"): 2
  • Intermediate ("I'm already using tor/pgp/otr/blah"): 6
  • Advanced ("I run my own relay/keyserver"): 0
  • Expert ("I compile my own customised versions of tor, gpg, etc."): 1
  • Guru ("My name is Bruce Schneier"): 0
  • Other ("I just want to party with nerds"): 0
  • Other Other ("I'm representing law enforcement/gvt intel...): 1, oh wait 'representing'?, then 0....

Share the data<3 by helping us edit this page.

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