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Please help spread the word!
    "Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world."
	- Cypherpunk Manifesto, 1993.

    Data retention, wiretapping, interception, stalking.. Make it 
    really f&*^ing hard for them!


Ways to Contribute to CryptoParty London

  • Have a quick look at the new 400 page open source Ebook!
  • Bake a cake and bring it with you to the meetup. The cake is not a lie.
  • Prepare a geeky lightning talk on something to do with cryptography or anonymity etc.(for the end of the evening ~10mins)

(email us to confirm you have a slot)

  • Bring a bottle of something to share. I like Red. :p
  • Drag a friend along (maybe the special someone you might like to send encrypted messages to?)
  • Bring a picnic. #Cryptopicnic anyone?
  • Design a poster or a sticker with a CryptoParty London specific theme
  • Tweet all about it, with @cryptopartylond and #cryptoparty
  • Use other social media, traditional media and personal contacts to reach outside of ranks of the already converted - there is more to life than Twitter and online chat !

Please cc emails to the main CryptoParty London organiser contacts:

CryptoParty London

"...a set of global get-togethers where more experienced users can teach beginners how to use the commonly available tools that tap into the incredibly powerful technology of cryptography. I hope that a beginner walks away from a #CryptoParty with an understanding of not just PGP, OTR, and the like, but with an idea of why threat models are important, what attack vectors she ought to consider, and — most importantly — a network of people and resources she can contact for even more knowledge." From CryptoParty article by Parker Higgins of the EFF

Archived details of the first CryptoParty London held on Saturday 29th September 2012 at Google Campus

Archived details of the second CryptoParty London held on Friday 19th October 2012 at Mozilla Spaces

Archived details of the third CryptoParty London held on Wednesday 12th December 2012 at Mozilla Spaces

CryptoParty London 4

Date: TBA 2013

Hopefully in April 2013

Time: 18:00 - 22:00


The schedule is:

Note: Attendees get together in groups and rotate through different topics (50 mins per topic)

6:00pm Warm up Talk: ??? Please volunteer to talk! Contact @CryptoPartyLond
6:15pm - 6:30pm Welcome / Introduction
6:30pm - 7:30pm Parallel Workshops (Tor, PGP, GPGTools, Truecrypt, OTR chat, Anonymity Techniques)
7:35pm - 8:30pm Parallel Workshops (Tor, PGP, GPGTools, Truecrypt, OTR chat, Anonymity Techniques)
8:35pm -9:30pm Parallel Workshops (Tor, PGP, GPGTools, Truecrypt, OTR chat, Anonymity Techniques)
9:30pm Finishing up workshops We go a bit 'off piste' here. :)
10:00pm Lightning Talks

Venue: TBA but hopefully Mozilla Spaces

Mozilla Spaces London 101 St. Martins Lane (3rd Floor)


A look inside Mozilla’s new London co-working space

Google Maps & StreetView for 101 St. Martin's Lane

Nearest Tube: Leicester Square


  • This will be a free event, but you will need to register your intention to attend, so that we can keep within the capacity limits of the venue.

How many people will use a plausible pseudonym, perhaps something like Charles Farr ?

Cancelling Tickets?

Existing free ticket holders - please notify us via if you cannot make it to the CryptoParty as you hoped, so that we can allocate a place to people on the Waiting List.

What to bring with you

  • Your Eventbrite printed ticket, or at least the ticket reference number - we expect the event to be fully subscribed, so unless you can impress our Social Engineering / Blagging experts, you won't get in without one.
  • An open mind
  • A sense of humour
  • Laptop computer and charger (at your own risk) ideally with a fully charged battery. There will be quite a lot of electrical power points and extension bars for recharging - N.B. you can still attend and learn useful things without your own individual laptop computer
  • SmartPhone and charger (at your own risk) ideally with a fully charged battery or spare batteries (remember to set this to silent or vibrate during the presentations)
  • Rainproof clothing / umbrella (check the weather forecast)
  • Food & Drink - we are commercially non-aligned so no commercial sponsorship
  • If you want to participate in the CryptoParty Bring & Swap session, to help to confuse your digital communications and transport data trails, then bring along some PrePaid Oyster Cards, free / cheap mobile phone SIM cards, cheap prepaid mobile phone handsets or just some free webmail or social media usernames and passwords etc. which you can swap with other attendees.



  • @CryptoPartyLond (the official twitter account for the meetup)
  • @samthetechie (just a random electronic engineer / geek trying to help make this meetup awesome, member of London Hackspace)
  • Crypt (just another geek from LHS)
  • @lamoustache (IT Smooth Operator)
  • <add yourself here!>

Sudo Leadership

Please note the following and add yourself to this list so we can all be in touch and plan the next cryptoparty together:

 Leadership is taken by individuals for specific projects. This is called "sudo leadership" after the *nix command sudo,
 which allows a regular user to do one root-level, or superuser task.
 In other words, if you want CryptoParty to do something, start doing it. At times someone may take sudo leadership 
 to take a tutorial, fix the wifi, update the wiki, or organise the next CryptoParty.

Get in Touch

  1. Please ping @samthetechie, @crysison and @CryptoPartyLond via Twitter to collaborate on material and prepare for the event.
  2. Use the Talk London Discussion page on this wiki
  3. Please cc emails to the main CryptoParty London organiser contacts:


Our fourth CryptoParty London is still in the planning stages. We are looking for a location and are looking for people willing to teach. More information will be posted as the situation develops.

We would like to do hands-on workshops or give basic, practical, talks on:

  1. Introduction
  2. Workshops
    • Pretty Good Privacy PGP / GnuPG / GPGTools Thunderbird with Enigmail
    • Tor Browser Bundle
    • TrueCrypt disk / volume / USB device encryption
    • Pidgin / Adium with Off The Record OTR chat
    • Anonymity Techniques and Bring & Swap (cheap PAYG sims/phones + oystercards)
  3. 10-minute lightning talks

Want to do a workshop or a talk? Add it to this list. You don't have to put your name down, but please ping the organiser and other contributors to help keep everyone informed.

Slides & Presentations from CryptoParty London


Private Conversations Over Instant Messaging (OTR/Pidgin/Adium)

Encrypting Emails (PGP/Enigmail/Thunderbird/GPG4USB/GPGTools)

  • This document is for GPG Encryption/Decryption, Signing & Verification, Software Source Validation with Hashing, Opsec for preventing Man-In-The-Middle Attacks and how to be Anonymous when using GPG. OS platforms are Linux or Windows, and Mac will be up shortly. You may email the author to learn GPG or ask questions.
  • Screencast Video

Disk Encryption (Truecrypt)

Privacy Protected Browsing (Tor Browser Bundle)

Anonymity Techniques

Oyster Travel Card Swap

A London specific, easy, non-technical Anonymity technique would be an Oyster Travel Card swap at the London CryptoParty.

Participants could simply swap the prepaid Oyster Travel Cards that they have brought along to the CryptoParty (not necessarily the ones they actually used to travel there) with other attendees.

Any major differences in stored value left on the Oyster Cards should be settled up between participants.

N.B. the Transport for London databases are handed over to the Metropolitan Police, "in real time, in bulk", a process which the former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith made exempt from the Data Protection Act 1998 by Ministerial Order, something which the current Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May has not bothered to cancel.

Swapping Oyster Travel Cards will not deprive TfL of any actual passenger travel statistics, to help them plan their network and timetables for Buses or the Tube, but it will help to anonymise the database(s) against public and private sector snoopers.

Mobile Phone Swap

The Communications Data generated by mobile phones is of three types - Location, Friendship tree (or suspect list of co-conspirators) of which number called which other number , when and for how long and your Subscriber Details.

  1. Buying an "anonymous" pre-paid mobile phone only protects your anonymity from the central registration of Subscriber Details i.e. name and address.
  2. Expensive, high end smartphones are as powerful as many computers and some models e.g. Apple iPhone attempt to track your usage and identity, especially if you purchase ring tones or music online. Others, like Google Android based phones make a virtue of their Location tracking capabilities. All of these have their uses, but present dangers to a whistleblower trying to contact a journalist or blogger or other intermediary to set up face to face meetings or to arrange whistleblower document deliveries or drops. These phones can cost hundreds of pounds, so they are not usually viable as disposable "burner" phones, unless you are also involved in drug dealing or have a corporate expense account.
  3. Buy a basic, cheap pre-paid mobile phone from a supermarket etc.. e.g.a Samsung GT-E1080i -a very basic voice and SMS only phone with a long battery life, available for about £15 including a free SIM card from one of seven network operators / billing services available from the larger Tesco supermarkets.
  4. See the CryptoParty London Bring & Swap presentation above for some basic common sense precautions about not linking your mobile phone or Oyster Card purchase to your other identifiable cards and accounts and not being too obvious on CCTV or in front of shop or Tube staff etc.

More details here

Lightning Talks

Cryptoparty London 1

Whole Disk Encryption - ‏@hackerfantastic

64Mb flash memory challenge image - @john_f

  • Greatest Common Divisor, Graphics Processor Units & 1024 bit Public / Private Keys

<todo:description here + link to slides) - Dean

  • UK Legal Aspects of Cryptography & Anonymity

- Mark ( (.ppt) (.pdf)

Cryptoparty London 2

fix me! ...looks in history for the content...

Cryptoparty London 3

  • Email & Mobile phone Privacy for Lovers - UK lessons from the CIA Director Petraeus affair - Gmail security strengths & anonymity weaknesses

- Mark ( (.ppt) (.pdf)

  • Removing exif meta data from online digital images - how betrayed John McAffee's "on the run" location in Guatamala

- Mark ( (.ppt) (.pdf)

  • Dean's SSL talk
  • Sam's CryptoParty movement talk

Cryptoparty London 4


The threats to our privacy and security from government, corporate and criminal snoopers are especially great in the United Kingdom.

See the Written Evidence to the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Draft Communications Data Bill (.pdf) for warnings by technical and legal experts which contrast with the complacent, secretive, technologically incompetent surveillance state policy makers.

Normal, non-technical people need access to basic, practical Cryptographic and Anonymity software tools and techniques with the help of friendly, experienced users and experts.


For the full CryptoParty experience, bring a laptop computer and yourself.

Friendly, experienced technical people will lead workshops to help you install and configure the software tools correctly.

We will post where all applicable updates are so you should install them before you come to the party. All software will have to be downloaded and cryptographically verified (don't worry, we'll teach you how to do that) by the attendee.


CryptoParty London will comply with the common sense, common courtesy, mutual respect policies set out by the London Hackspace, Google Campus and Mozilla Spaces venues and CryptoParty in general.

As per UK law, there is no cigarette or other smoking allowed indoors.

Technically adept people should not try to run any packet sniffing software or try to hack into other participant's computers.

Do not bring removable media e.g. CD, DVD, USB flash memory devices etc. to hand out to the participants, as there may not be time to check it all for malware.

Mobiles phones should be set to silent or vibrate during talks.

Journalists are very welcome to come and learn, but please obtain people's individual consent to interview, video / audio record or photograph them, or their computer or phone screens or keyboards.

Undercover Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) are also welcome to come and learn (by definition, we cannot stop you) - at least buy us a beer on taxpayer or corporate funded expenses.

Spread the word

Please publicise CryptoParty using other media apart from Twitter (you can link to @CryptoPartyLond) e.g. blogs, email lists, FaceBook, discussion forums, word of mouth, letters to your local newspaper etc.


Event Brite


Email Lists

Propaganda/Other Media

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