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Cryptoparties in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada take place as meetings of other organizations


Upcoming Events

3 December 2012

[KWLUG] ' Presentation Topic - Tor: The Onion Router' Postponed! See the mailing list announcement

Stephen Palmateer will tell us about Tor, the Onion Router. He will focus on the technical aspects of the project, and will walk through setting up a Tor relay from start to finish.

Past Events

7 July 2012

[Kwartzlab] 'cryptography workshop and keysigning party'

Come out to kwartzlab, and learn how to use cryptography to protect your identity, and keep your private communications private in a digital world.

This workshop will be discussing the basics of a very powerful free cryptography tool called the GNU Privacy Guard. For those who are familiar with GPG, there will also be a key signing party afterwards.

This is a free event, however donations to kwartzlab are always appreciated.

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