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Planned on 27th November, 2012

Topics are: Little bit of Cryptography mathematics inc. history of cryptography, Torrouter, P.O.R.T.A.L, Tagging attacks even on secured networks, whistleblowing technologies and why are important, How easy is break Tor's anonymity, Your trace on internet ( + evercookie + others ), Tor on your iPhone & iPad, Location Leaks on Gsm, gsmdump+arcfn, dnssec: what's new and later we will try formate schedule for talks.


We are planning second event in Bratislava in half of November, don't hesitate and add your expectations what would you love to hear. Main topic is malware and security of our mobile phones, also including previous basic levels for novices. :)


We are welcoming also english people as well. Navigation to our hackerspace follow white rabbit :] Common keysigning party, GnuPG, Tor, OTR, TrueCrypt, mpOTR, i2p, cjdns, cryptocat, Presentations welcomed \o/

Mám záujem ! Pre praktické použitie GnuPG, TOR, OTFE a každodenné používanie softvéru, mohli by sme mať seminár. Radšej hovorím po anglicky, ale môžem aj diskutovať po slovensky. Kontakt:

I am interested in a party regarding applied use of GnuPG, TOR and OTFE. If anyone is interested to get in touch in Bratislava (or Vienna), feel free to mail address above.

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