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Event Details

Any details about securing a time/location for the event, and anything consequent of it such as costs and any complications that arise from it best be discussed below.

As of now we are somewhat invested in a daytime event at PhilaMOCA from 12 PM to 4 PM. The main reason to pick this location would be to be able to have a chiptune music afterparty at the same place. To rent it for this time period would cost us about $250. We may consider a ticket price or some sort of sponsorship to cover costs. We also may consider alternate locations, perhaps a venue more suited to the needs of collaboration amongst computer users, and the constraints of price. --NOTtheMessiah (talk) 10:40, 10 September 2012 (MIST)

Other possible considerations for venues are listed below:

Venue Name Description Location
PhilaMOCA Mausoleum converted into art gallery. Also hosts events. It has projectors, standing room and 2 couches, and a stage. Hosts 8static, so 8static would be an afterparty if we do it on the 22nd. Smallest of the spaces and few desks (at 8static, they are used for stage, visuals, and merch). 531 North 12th Street, Philadelphia
venturef0rth Entire floor of a building as a collaboration space. Has whiteboards and desks and projectors everywhere, and is intended as a 'home to new start-ups'. 417 North 8th Street, Philadelphia
Torrent Collective (facespook link) Warehouse converted into event/collaboration space. 8th and Washington Ave. Has 2 spaces that can be booked independently: Stage area with standing room, and a hangout room with many couches and smaller presentation area with a whiteboard. Also has a smoking room. Event space captures the informality of a party. 938 South 8th Street, Philadelphia
Ethical Society Conference rooms seem to be available for rent. Very colonial-style building. Rittenhouse Square Park
Quaker Friend's Center Various choices of conference and presentation rooms a few blocks north of City Hall

Other options might include: the A-Space, Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Space, Studio 34 Yoga, Wooden Shoe Books...


If you'd like to give a talk, announce it here.

Title Presenter Duration (minutes)
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