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So I know everyone is doing a lot but I want to ask for your help, I want to start the minnesota CryptoParty #CryptoPartyminnesota and would like to ask if you want to join in and make it part of one of your events. I myself do not know to much on coding i'm not sure about you, but I think this would be a great way to learn how to encrypt and I'm sure more too, seeing we have the best in the world to teach us. This is a great opportunity to learn more then we all know now. I seen Asher_wolf say she is going to start a live stream and that would be great for all of us. I hope you join in to learn how to be truly Anonymous and more secure on line. I think you, me and everyone is going to get a lot out of this. If you would like to join in to learn or teach, drop me an e-mail @ This is my e-mail for #CryptoPartyminnesota

Love Ric Veda

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