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CryptoParty Handbook version 1 needs a lot more editing and review


version 1 of the Crypto Party Handbook is full of frustrating typos, mostly where two or more words have become concatenated into one through the disappearance of spaces.

Is this an editing platform issue ? Anything with a spell checker from, Microsoft Word through to a Firefox web browser with a Dictionary add-on, would have highlighted these.

When you look at the text in say, the Foxit reader, converting to Text introduces extra characters in the middle of words which display ok in the (.pdf)

  • Yes, the blank space glitches are introduced during comile :/ We will see if it is just a temporary glitch or bug in BookJS upon creation of the next revision.

Missing Warnings & Caveats from CryptoParty Resources page

The sections with screenshots are pretty useful, but many of the other sections are clearly incomplete.

Many of the basic warnings and caveats which are on the CryptoParty Resources page have not made it into the CryptoParty Handbook.

There are also whole chapters of knowledge which the target audience of CryptoParties needs to be aware of, some of which have been mentioned at CryptoParty events, but which are not yet included at all in this CryptoParty Handbook version 1.

First Draft not yet a practical Handbook

The "BookSprint" idea with an artificially tight deadline, means that such errors and omissions were very likely, regardless of, or perhaps because of, the number of contributors.

What exactly is the rush to publish several different media format versions e.g. e-books or print on demand etc., of what is really only a first draft document, rather than a practical Handbook ?

Where can we contribute error corrections and extra material ?

  • A mailing list for discussing heavy edits and future direction will be opened in the next days.

CryptoParty Handbook on GitHub version control

CryptoParty Handbook on GitHub version control

This repository is a work in progress for importing the CryptoParty Handbook to a version controlled, compilable state. The goal is to copy all content from the Booktype, convert to Markdown, and publish on Github for easier collaboration that is also properly version controlled and peer reviewed.

Please fork this repo. Add and edit content. Send back pull requests.

Work is coordinated on on channel #cryptoparty.

Ok, but without any actual Editors in charge of the project overall , why will this be any better than the previous BookType system ? --someone

Github gives everyone clear view of who changed what, line by line, over time. It gives accountability, it allows people to comment on each individual change, easily allowing for peer review. Also it does have a central editor in that only those with access to the github cryptoparty account can ultimately accept the changes from others into the main canonical version. --Daniel Kinsman 18:25, 11 October 2012 (MIST)


It's not a proper changelog if you don't include the release dates. Please do so in the future. Saicotic (talk) 07:52, 11 March 2013 (MIST)

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