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The Portsmouth CryptoParty will take place on September 13, 2012 at the Port City Makerspace at around 8pm, at the end of the Ideas Meeting (check back here the night before to verify the time and place have not changed!)

We'll be doing a keysigning:

Key Signing

Before the meeting you should download and install Gnu Privacy Guard, and run

$ gpg --gen-key

You can change the defaults, or just hit [ENTER] three times. You'll then enter your name, email address and an optional comment. Then you'll pick a passphrase. You'll want to make sure it worked, and find out your keyID:

$ gpg -K

which should show something like:

sec   1024D/2BA7A3CA 2012-09-07
uid                  Kris Constable <kris@privasectech.com>
ssb   2048g/7B2066FC 2012-09-07

finally, you'll want your fingerprint, using the KeID from above:

$ gpg --fingerprint 2BA7A3CA
pub   1024D/2BA7A3CA 2012-09-07
     Key fingerprint = 5E49 ACB3 E26A 6DED D2D9  06FC 8C3F C784 2BA7 A3CA
uid                  Kris Constable <kris@privasectech.com>
sub   2048g/7B2066FC 2012-09-07

I'll be bringing my fingerprint (5E49 ACB3 E26A 6DED D2D9 06FC 8C3F C784 2BA7 A3CA) with me to the event, with my government issued photo ID. You should do the same! I'll explain the rest, and why, at the event.

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