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CryptoParty Oakland aims to educate the public on how to better manage their privacy online, and discuss reasons for using cryptography. We'll demonstrate several tools and best practices, and raise awareness regarding digital rights.

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Announcements and Upcoming Events


Oakland's first CryptoParty event was hosted at Tech Liminal on Sunday, October 14th, 2012.

Event Schedule:

Time Introductory Level (Downstairs) Advanced Sessions (Upstairs)
2:00pm Doors open
3:00pm Welcome to Oakland Cryptoparty - Intro / What we're here for
3:15pm A beginners guide to cryptography: Codes vs Ciphers, Classical vs Modern Crypto, symmetric, asymmetric, RSA, DES, and more.(aestetix) [Video] [slides] What do you want from a cryptoparty? Planning session and feedback for future events (ryanj)
4:00pm An Introduction to Public Key Crypto, the Web ofTrust, and Certificate Authorities: Start encrypting IMs, emails, and text messages today (Micah Lee) [Video (starts at 50m) part2] [slides] open discussion regarding pros and cons of available tools, develop a list of recommendations for beginners (aestetix, ryanj)
4:45pm INTERMISSION / Announcements & Pizza
5:15pm Introduction to Tor (wiretapped) [Video] OTR Encryption (legind) [slides]
6:00pm textsecure, gibberbot (Mark Burdett) [Video (starts at 35mins)] Full Disk Encryption (Cooper)
6:45pm Building systems using open source cryptographic primitives: using Tor, GPG, and Bitcoin (Garrett Robinson) [Combined session] [Video] Slides
7:30pm *PARTY!*

Streaming Video:

Live video was made available by @PunkBoyinSF.

Recommended Software

Android iOS Windows OS X Linux Cross-platform or Web
Email K9 Thunderbird+Enigmail Thunderbird, Enigmail Thunderbird, Enigmail riseup webmail
Chat GibberBot, TextSecure (SMS) Chatsecure Pidgin, Adium Pidgin Pidgin Cryptocat
Network Encryption Orbot, Orweb Onion browser Tor Tor Tor
Disk Encryption Available in 4.0+ TrueCrypt Available in 10.7+ LUKS Tahoe LAFS

Web Resources



Online Courses:

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