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New Cryptoparty planned! #CryptoParyMPLS will meet next at Minnehaha Freespace Sunday October 28th at 2:00 PM. We will talk about Tor and VPN at least but this is a community event so if you have more info, bring it.

Well the first #CryptoParty for Minnesota meeting I planed for October, 6th 2012 11AM did not turn out so good, 1 person showed up and that one person was me. lulz But I'm not given up so fast. I'm going to plan another one with the help of OccupyMN http://ustre.am/:1L54e I'll post the new date for the 2nd #CryptoPartyMpls when I have it. http://johntiessen.com/CryptoPartyMPLS/CryptoParty.php

First #CryptoParty for Minnesota meeting is planed for October, 6th 2012 11AM http://goo.gl/JwkPp #CryptoPartyMinnesota #CryptoPartyMpls Come one come all.

Cryptoparty Minneapolis! I am an amateur but I have access to the internet, so if you are interested let's get our crypto-geek on over beers (or pop, or whatever). Any level of knowledge is fine. We will learn as we go, and if you know a bunch come teach us! Tweet it #CryptoPartyMpls

Here are some things we can cover (please add to this list): Tor (anonymous web), gpg (encrypted email etc), OTR (encrypted chat), VPN (it's a series of tubes)

So I know everyone is doing a lot but I want to ask to help, I want to start the minnesota CryptoParty #CryptoPartyMinnesota along with #CryptoPartyMpls and would like to ask if you want to join in and make it part of one of your events. One of my friends recommended me to order custom writingon EssaysProfessors.Com. To tell you the truth, I have never regretted my decision. The writers are real professionals and know how to write impressive work full of knowledgeable information. I myself do not know too much on coding i'm not sure about you, but I think this would be a great way to learn how to encrypt and I'm sure more too, seeing we have the best in the world to teach us. This is a great opportunity to learn more then we all know now. I seen Asher_wolf say she is going to start a live stream and that would be great for all of us. I hope you join in to learn how to be truly Anonymous and more secure on line. I think you, me and everyone is going to get a lot out of this. If you would like to join in to learn or teach, drop me an e-mail @ bill55106@yahoo.com This is my e-mail for #CryptoPartyMinnesota Love Ric Veda

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