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Meeting Summary

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • When: TBA 18:00 for 18:30 start
  • Main Focus: Why privacy is important, how to secure your E-mail communications
  • Venue: TBA
  • Main Contact: Rami Taibah
  • Twitter Handle: @cryptopartyjed
  • Speakers

Jeddah Cryptoparty No. 1

Aiming for Mid December 2012

This free community event will help you learn how to use the Internet in a way which respects your privacy and keeps you in control of your personal information.

Bring a laptop if you have one, some snacks and a sense of curiosity as we learn how to keep our information private and defend against those who would monitor and steal it.

Interested people (add a pseudonym or name and preferably a twitter or email contact )

Please RSVP to help us gauge attendance numbers and prepare for the party! You will need to register with the wiki to edit this page.

  1. @rtaibah Rami Taibah
  2. @amrush Omair Taibah
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