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Under Construction / In Planning Stage

I'm endeavoring to start a cryptoparty here in Harrisonburg, VA. I have somewhere between a basic and moderate understanding of the Tor network, TAILS, PGP encryption, OTR messaging tools, and have a passion for sharing information with others, and protecting freedom of speech against all threats.

I'm hoping to find others that are capable / willing to assist in starting this up. I plan on eventually moving to Richmond, VA, so this will not be a long-term thing for me.

Things I need

A Mac user with good experience in using security software. There are a lot of Mac users in this town, and they deserve privacy as much as every other user.


Public Key Encryption, and PGP. Brief history of modern cryptography. How Public Key Encryption works. How to create a PGP key. Web of Trust.

Verifying Cryptographic Signatures MD5 / SHA cryptographic checking. SSL and TLS. Checking certificates. Checking PGP keys.

Tor Brief history of the Tor network. How Tor anonymizes users. How Tor protects user's privacy. Exit nodes, Relays, and Bridges. Hidden services. Limits and known vulnerabilities of the network.

TAILS The Amnesic Incognito Live System. How / where to download. Installing to USB / burning to CD. Explanation of tools / programs, and how to use them. How TAILS protects the user. The limitations of TAILS.

OTR messaging What is OTR messaging? How OTR messaging protects its users. OTR clients.

Building your threat model Determining accurate risks based on personal need. Levels of threats. How to maintain privacy and security when threatened by small or individual adversaries. Large scale threat mitigation.

Securing your Computer How to tell if you're infected with malware. Hardware / Software keyloggers. Whole-disk encryption. Proper firewall use. Hardening your clearnet browser.


Currently undecided!


I'm currently the only one working on the Harrisonburg Cryptoparty. I can be contacted by email: garglingpancakes@riseup.net - PGP Public Key ID = 1F972DC0

Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/HbrgCryptoparty

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