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There appears to be interest from several people in setting up a Cardiff group, and there are venues available for meetups. Details or suggestions here.


Possible Subjects for Talk

  • Busting the 'Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear' Myth
    • +1 (london)
  • Cloud Computing: How Safe is Your Privacy?
  • Commercial Internet Filtering, and How to Defeat It
  • Introduction to VPNs and IPsec
  • Good vs. Bad Encryption - What to Consider
  • How Cryptographic Systems are Broken in the Real World
  • Encryption: What is It, Exactly?
  • The Future of Internet Communications
  • Tor & the Tor browser bundle
  • PGP/GnuPG generation and use
  • Smartphones
  • Secure banking

(Trying to keep things simple at the moment. More suggestions here would be nice.)


Upstairs at O'Neills, Trinity Square, Cardiff.

Facilities: Seating and sockets), projector, set aside from rest of pub. Free WiFi supplied by 02, if desired.

Ten minute walk from Cardiff Central, through town centre.


Our first meetup (22/09/2012) went very well. We're now deciding on a date and time for the next one, which is expected to be the first or second week of October. Watch this space for more.

By the way, it might not be possible to reserve the room at O'Neils between late October and beginning of January. We could hold informal pub meetups during that period. Other suggestions are welcome.


Public PGP Keys Here

Register of Interest

Register at EventBrite. This is just to get an idea of the number of people attending:

Feel free to use a pseudonym or a false or temporary email or what-have-you. Or, if you don't fancy it, don't register - again, it is only to help get an idea of numbers (it doesn't matter if we're off by a small amount).

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