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Meeting Summary

Brisbane, Australia

  • When: T.B.D.
  • Main Focus: To increase widespread awareness on issues of why you would encrypt your data and how to do so
  • Venue: TBA
  • Main Contact:
  • Twitter Handle: @LiamPomfret
  • Speakers

Event Planning

Please keep in mind that this isn't a Coding/Hacker event. This is to increase widespread awareness on issues of why you would encrypt your data and how to do so. While we may run more advanced workshops if there is sufficient demand for them, the event will be primarily geared towards the average end user. Attendees will not be assumed to have any previous knowledge on cryptography.

Bringing laptops to install security software on the night is encouraged, but mobiles should be on silent or flight mode so calls do not distract other attendees. Those of you needing to leave a work phone on should use the vibrate mode during the event.

Please RSVP below to help us gauge attendance numbers and prepare for the party! You will need to register with the wiki to edit this page. (You don't have to use a real name, describe yourself or give a bio. Just edit this page and add a name.)

Please add topics here if there is anything you'd like to share, learn, or 'borrow' from someone else.

* Why Cryptoparty?
* Why Encrypt/Secure data?
* I have nothing to hide - Why bother?
* Recent Changes to Privacy Laws / Data Sovereignty
* What is encryption?
* What can be encrypted?
* Privacy Vs Anonymity
* Thunderbird w/ Enigmail [PGP/GPG] (Email)
* Tor + Tor Browser Bundle (Web)
* OTR (Chat)
* Truecrypt (Disk Encryption)
* Pseudonymous Email (EFF article)
* Paid VPNS vs Free VPNS

Attendees (Add your name to RSVP)

  1. Liam -
  2. Brad
  3. Carolyn B
  4. Stewart
  5. Tim J
  6. John N
  7. "Fred & Ginger"
  8. John J
  9. Chuck G
  10. John S
  11. A & K
  12. Mark B.
  13. Angus
  14. Letty
  15. Jenny
  16. Mick
  17. p+
  18. daz
  19. n1tr0g3n
  20. charlieB - am new, guys please assist. Would love to attend. Please email: - Cheers
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